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Matthew O’Halloran Showcase from Canadian Film Centre on Vimeo.eld artist of the mo

Matthew O’Halloran is a Canadian musician currently living in Toronto. His musical career is split between studio albums, collaborations, live performance, composing and songwriting for film.

In 2010, Matthew co-founded indie-rock group The Corner. The band just celebrated their first release entitled “Note To An Escapist”’. The album was recorded at Breakglass Studios in Montreal by acclaimed producer Jace Lasek (Sam Roberts, Ohbijou, Suuns, Wolf Parade, Besnard Lakes), The 4-piece recently returned from their second European tour. Their debut album is available digitally worldwide with the Canadian release set for fall 2014.

During his time at the Canadian Film Centre, Matthew had the opportunity to write a song for the television show The Listener which he performed with his wife Leah. Matthew is credited as a composer in two films that premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, including Slater Jewel-Kemker’s STILL and Rob Grant’s WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU.


(Photo: A glimpse into the “silo” recording sessions for the short film STILL (dir. Slater Jewell-Kemker), which premiered at TIFF 2014. Recorded with the help of Gus Harris, O’Halloran carried handful of random instruments through the small opening of an empty grain silo, and set up some mics to capture the sounds within the space. Much of the percussion was created by banging on ladders and trashcans.)


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