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Stanzie Tooth’s paintings resonate with her awareness of nature’s potency as a reference point that transcends history and language.  The woods, a touchstone in her work, have birthed the myths of cultures the world-over; they are imbued with a psychic weight that suggests a germinative force in humanity’s collective unconscious.

In her forests, myriad figures both human and animal are partially subsumed or entirely reclaimed by the ecological cycle of growth and decay.  The allure of Stanzie’s painting is this subtle illusionism: the moment we discern one of her characters, they dissolve into flurries of colour.  Like will-‘o-the-wisps or Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, her figures lead the viewer ever deeper into Tooth’s forest—overblown with colour and light—into the unknown and the unknowable.

These landscapes are no bucolic pastorals, rather they are settings for dramas that roil beneath human consciousness.  They bear a signature obliterating gestural abstraction, which activates the entire surface of each canvas.  This is emphasized by the specific spectrum Stanzie Tooth cultivates in each painting, balancing tints and pigmentation to create surfaces that read as violets, fuchsias, or teals whose chromatic integrity has been shattered into refracted light and saturated with the fecund shadows of undergrowth.

Like her ephemeral figures, Stanzie’s landscapes are unpredictable… allegorical.  When looking at her work, there is no escaping folklore.

— Leia Gore


Get out from behind your computers and go check out Stanzie Tooth’s work in person | “Into the Forest” presented by General Hardware Contemporary | June 6 – July 7  | Click here for more information. 


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