The Gladstone Hotel: Come Up To My Room

Fugitive Glue Fugitive Glue, Jano Badovinac Gareth Bate WE-3 WE-3 Carolyn Fearman & Robin Porter Carolyn Fearman & Robin Porter Carolyn Fearman & Robin Porter Janna Watson | Katrina Tompkins

Come Up To My Room

January 26-29th
The Gladstone Hotel recently had its annual Come Up To My Room alternative design event. Here are just a few of the installations featured with sound bites from the artists:

Uphoarding – by Fugitive Glue

Fugitive Glue combined a striking aesthetic with an eco- friendly solution by converting propane tanks into light fixtures.

sound bite: Fugitive Glue member Jano Badovinac describing…

Uphoarding: – click here

Converting propane tanks into light fixtures: – click here

Design Process: – click here

Jewel Net of Indra – by Gareth Bate

The Jewel Net of Indra installation included hundreds of mirrors, each with its own portrait. It was really interesting to stand in front of this piece and see your reflection within each of the other portraits.

sound bite: Artist Gareth Bate describing Jewel Net of Indra: – click here

10, 000 Untitleds – by WE-3

I hate to pick favourites, but this installation really captured my curiosity. WE-3 covered the walls in over 2000 perfectly layered strips with an identifying stamp. The installation was an exploration into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

sound bite: WE-3 collective member Dominique Cheng describes the installation concept – click here


— Sonia Gemmiti


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